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Location-based marketing for Zoos and Botanical Gardens

Published at Sep 1, 2023

Location-based Mobile Application and ARUBA Outdoor and Indoor Navigation in the World of Zoos and Botanical Gardens

Location-Based Marketing in Outlets

Published at Aug 14, 2023

Competition has always been fierce in the business world. Stores, especially outlet centers, need to look for strategies that help them stand out from the crowd and effectively reach potential customers.

Do you need location based marketing?

Published at Aug 15, 2023

Location-based marketing can work outdoors by detecting signals from global satellite navigation systems or even on a Beacon basis (there is an IP67 Beacon device that is dust and waterproof and can do the same as its indoor counterparts).

Top 10 building blocks of your digital employer branding

Published at Nov 8, 2021

Take a deep breath. Step back. You have spent a lot of time seeking the know-how of digitizing your very own employer brand. Well, Google is your best friend. Scrutinizing the “whys”, the “hows”, the “benefits”, the “costs” and “efforts”.

Digital employer branding on a new level. How?

Published at Nov 8, 2021

The term “employer branding” has existed for years and even decades. Despite its age, the employer brand remains dominant in the market and is an unquestionable strategic element of employers’ competition in hiring the best talent.

Detailed description of the Beconz App structure

Published at Nov 6, 2021

Beconz is a native, digital coupon and advertisement mobile application – that invokes a dedicated database running on a remote server – to run and display information. The Beconz software has been specially developed for the Android mobile operating system.