Location-based marketing for Zoos and Botanical Gardens

Published at Sep 1, 2023

The Zoos and Botanical Gardens have long guide the visitors into the realm and wonders of nature.

However, new and exciting opportunities are now opening up: the location-based mobile application and the power of ARUBA navigation take on completely new dimensions for visitor experiences.

Introducing the New Era

Just think of the possibilities of a location-based mobile application that includes ARUBA indoor and outdoor turn-by-turn navigation.

The first step is the introduction of the application, which requires an investment in terms of development and data collection, but the long-term benefits can be realized as an extremely profitable investment.

Benefits of the Application

The new mobile application has many advantages for both visitors and Institutions.

Visitors can easily navigate the area (whether outdoors or indoors), find their favorite attractions, and enjoy interactive information that provides an even deeper insight into the amazing world of animals and plants.

ARUBA navigation adds additional value to the application. Both indoors and outdoors, visitors receive precise route guidance, which makes it easier to find their way around particularly crowded periods or complex areas.

Costs and Their Reimbursement

The introduction of the application naturally requires an investment, which includes development costs, data compilation and the purchase of possible hardware accessories.

However, these are not just simple costs, but part of an investment full of long-term benefits.

The app allows visitors to make the most of their visit by following a planned route and taking a deeper interest in the wonders of the Institution. Satisfied visitors contribute to strengthening the reputation of the Zoo or Botanical Garden with further recommendations and returns.

The cost of the introduction can be partly financed even by service providers operating within the Institution, if they wish to promote their own sales of goods or services within the application.

A monthly rental (cost-based) construction, which is a financial solution based on OPEX, where no larger CAPEX expenses occur at the same time, can also be a matter of agreement.

From the Institutions' Point of View

The application is also a huge advantage for Botanical Gardens and Zoos. Through interactive maps and content, they can communicate with visitors more effectively, whether in terms of current events, programs or special offers.

By analyzing the data provided by the application, they can gain deeper insight into visitor behavior and preferences. This allows for even more personalized experiences that make your visit memorable and magical.

Orientation is reassuringly perfect and simple, both outdoors and indoors.

The transfer of information becomes exciting. Digital media content on mobile phones contributes to the great entertainment and education of children.

Questionnaires and polls provide Institutions with invaluable feedback on what services users would like to see. 360-degree communication between the Institution and the users is created.

Appointments can be booked for events created by the Institution, so reservations of the Institution's resources can be planned.

The Institution itself, as well as the Enterprises operating within the Institution, can publish digital discounts to users in the mobile application.

Measuring the consumption of digital content enables the delivery of improved marketing messages.

Is all this possible through a single mobile app?

Experience the Future, Today

The world of Zoos and Botanical Gardens is now on the threshold of a new era. The combined power of the location-based mobile application and ARUBA outdoor and indoor navigation revolutionizes the visitor experience.

The investment becomes a profitable investment in the long term through visitor satisfaction and institutional benefits.

Don't miss the chance to guide your visitors to completely new dimensions in this magical world!

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