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We know that a man who knows everything can do nothing. We don't want to know everything. We give you time, comfort and pleasure, we save you money, so that you can run your business safely, with less stress and in a healthier way.

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Benefits for Customers

You, as a conscious Customer can save a a lot of money, time and energy, while shopping comfortably and securely.

Fee of charges digital coupon app

You do not have to buy expensive advertising newspapers! You do not have to move out from the comfort of your home! Coupons or advertisments are coming directly to you, tailored by your very own preferences.

Coupons are ordered and searchable

You do not have to turn pages of expensive advertising newspapers bought solely from the purpose of using paper based coupons, looking for some bargian price you do not know on which paper it can be found. It is over now! You can find your nearest shop with nearby-shops feature!

Digital coupons

The paperless usage of digital coupons can help you diminish the size of your ecological footprint. You can order your digital coupons and advertisements by your wery own demand.

Coupons are saved in the cloud

Your coupons are not bound to your mobile phone. You just have to remember to your Beconz account! You can reach your favourite digital coupons from anywhere and anytime.

Benefits for Vendors

We introduce Beconz services from the sellers point of view

Impress the Senses

You, as a seller can publish video, sound or wep pages, via a Beconz service administering portal.

Touch the Y generation

You, as a Beconz service partner have access to the latest technology platform. Use modern approach to reach the internet’s generation and generate greater revenue!


You can publish individual digital coupons and advertisements tailored to your shoppers very own preferencies!

Mass base

You can reach a big crowd of shoppers with your digital coupons and digital advertisements via mobile phone applications.