Take a look at the Companies and Enterprises that have placed their trust in the use of the Digital Content Framework.

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The Krones "WE DO MORE" app was created to support the Digital Employer Program.The processes and tasks that can be interpreted under the term employer brand are aimed at the impression we create on employees within the company and on applicants for advertised positions, what we communicate and how well our words and deeds are in harmony.

In fact, digitalization has become a very important decision factor when choosing a future employer. According to a 2019 research, 70% of employees aged 22-60 want to work for digitally mature companies.In this sense, we can say that digitally mature companies will be more attractive to talented employees, and will be able to coordinate and satisfy the needs of multigenerational employees with greater efficiency, and to forge employees together and retain them in the long term.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, HPE NEKED APP

The Hungarian entity of HPE has created this application exclusively for its priority reseller partners, distributors, and service and education centers, which enables them to get relevant information about HPE according to the topics of interest of the various organizational units. The app is called "HPE NEKED".

HPE shares important Hungarian-language content related to commercial, technical, marketing and partner certification and unique information - even only found in this application - with registered partners with the aim of strengthening the two-way relationship between HPE and its reseller partners.

Semmelweis University, Department of Family Medicine, Conference of Teaching Family Physicians, BECONZ APP

The Department of Family Medicine of Semmelweis University organized its long-standing event, the XXIV. Continuing Education Conference April 21-23, 2023. between in Siófok at the Hotel Azur.We provided the digital information background for this conference, which included location-dependent (GPS and Beacon) and location-independent (broadcast) content communication.

Online Organization of General Practitioners, CSALÁDORVOS APP

An information platform for healthcare workers and professionals interested in the current affairs and professional innovations of family medicine, as well as lay persons interested in the services provided by family doctors, as well as authentic health and lifestyle information.

By using the CSALADORVOS application, professionals and healthcare workers interested in general practitioner/home pediatric care can access professional content and current information related to their daily work. Using the application, professionals have the opportunity to:

  • for registration to professional events,
  • to monitor the program of professional events,
  • to register for online webinars, to browse the contents,
  • for structured browsing of up-to-date professional information and treatment recommendations filtered according to individual preferences,
  • to review care protocols,
  • to review information related to community of practice activities,
  • to learn about current affairs related to health policy, health economics, and practice management.

The interface of the application available to healthcare professionals is subject to registration after validation.

The CSALADORVOS application is also a useful platform for lay users, as they can access information and content related to their health status and current family medicine care, which are validated by credible, practicing professionals in all cases. In addition to content related to a healthy lifestyle, disease prevention, appropriate treatment of certain diseases, and the correct interpretation of symptoms, users can also find out about the specifics and current affairs of family medicine, the services available at family doctors, and information necessary for handling other official matters.

Berlin-Chemie Menarini, BECONZ APP

We support Berlin-Chemie Menarini Ltd. with the possibility of issuing location based and location independent digital content in the gamification based education.