Top 10 building blocks of your digital employer branding

Published at Nov 8, 2021

Take a deep breath. Step back. You have spent a lot of time seeking the know-how of digitizing your very own employer brand. Well, Google is your best friend. Scrutinizing the “whys”, the “hows”, the “benefits”, the “costs” and “efforts”. You have all the written theories, the confirmation of the “good way” of transforming to digital. Good job. You have the lock now.

What you do not have is the key to the lock

In this article we try to give you 10 pretty practical ideas, as a thought awakening, as a line guide going to digital.

Let’s get started

1. Block

You need your dedicated digital framework, works in 7/24, which can be operated without any external assistance, even from the farthest point of the world. These systems are built from at least three elements. Frontend, API, and Backend.

2. Block

You need your own corporate mobile application. This is your frontend, a native app usually has a very unique name in Apple and Android stores, which name expresses the direction of the endeavor, why you offer the app to users and even what services you provide them. Choosing the name could also be a community forging event. You may advertise an inhouse contest , where everybody is involved, and this should be the first time they learn that an enterprise application will be launched soon. Very special occasion, with great anticipation. Well, don’t disappoint the future users.

3. Block

Your corporate mobile application needs to have a variety of login methods, and can initially filter and allow either full (only) corporate email addresses or just domain names. You may want to lock out any undesirable users. These so-called “white lists” need to be pre-uploaded to the admin console (your backend) and it only will allow to register for the users listed in the console. However, if you do want to extend your users to the world, it is also possible to register with either Facebook, Gmail or Apple ID. Question of customization.

4. Block

Strictly use a free and most modern interface, where all your digital communication are poured into a single application, offered to the corporate and its business environment. You may ask how? How I can address my employees, subcontractors, outsiders and suppliers, or even my clients in one single app? Well, thats the tricky part, whare the magic happen. Use a very special approach. As we do.

5. Block

Your communication tool should be location-based or location-independent. Yep. Location-based communication is achieved with Beacon or GPS. Indoors use cost effective Beacon devices or outdoors use IP protected Beacon hardware. Outdoor can also be GPS, where Beacon devices are not an option. The location- independent solution is the so-called. “Broadcast,” meaning wherever you are, if you have internet, you get it. So simple. Why is it important to offer location-based communication? Because information must be provided to users when and where they can use them most effectively, with the most benefits. Maybe in a range of a Beacon or on a specific GPS coordinates.

6. Block

Publish special digital content. Like infopanel, event booking, discount coupon, advertisement. Let them host text, image, sound, video and external link. Let edit and publish all of them in the admin console, by your dedicated employer branding staff.

7. Block

Make each digital content consumption individually measurable. On an individual level, you can see how long the user has read, listened to, viewed the content, how long did this take, or did the user clicked on the external link (if any). It is important since you can offer content in a targeted way, better defining its content, length, and quality.

8. Block

Experience quite amazing synergies in using discount coupons. As part of your employer branding, you can not only measure your consumption of digital content, but you can also provide exclusive services that can significantly strengthen employee (or any of your users) loyalty and commitment. The common practice of this is that your corporate agrees with other companies operating in your area of attraction. Those companies provide certain cash, percentage or quantity discounts to your employees from products/services of their own business. Good for everyone, your users get a discount, the companies has more sales revenue and margin. The consumption and value of these digital coupons can also be measured, so you can see exactly what products/services are worth offering and which ones you use less. When using the coupon, loyalty points can be collected and customer levels can be defined. The more you use the service, the higher your rankings will be. When using the coupons, you could also measure Customer Satisfaction, which should work during each coupon redemption.Possible areas of those bilateral agreements are wellness, fitness, pharmacy, clothes and shoes, electronic devices, food, vehicle, concert event ticket, hairdresser’s, beautician, etc. Take your first step. Win-win.

9. Block

Your solution may support gamification akso. For example some Beacon hardware will be hidden somewhere in the factory area. These must be found by moving from point to point – based on the answers to certain quiz questions – to the final goal, where the employee can receive jackpot content on your phone. This can be a free or discounted product and/or service. This opportunity moves employees (and their family members also) both physically and mentally.

10. Block

An optional part of the your system could be an outdoor and indoor navigation, which must be built separately. Navigation is turn-by-turn and works both indoors and outdoors, but has separate hardware and license implications.

What tools do we use to support you in digitizing your employer brands?

With a unique development, the Digital Content Framework, which you can use either for your own internal communications or for continuous and GDPR-compliant, location-based or location-independent access to external (customers, guests, visitors, customers, partners), with unique services such as customer satisfaction measurement, measuring the consumption of published digital content, or gamification and even indoor and outdoor navigation. Not only does our system help you take a step forward in employer brand building, we also support your business efficiency. Last but not least, we support you to stand out from your competitors.