Our target market

We believe that putting political medium- and long-term goals ahead of short-term business interests that promise huge profits is more fruitful. We believe, and we are constantly learning, that business synergies exist.

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To Whom do we recommend our Solution?

We represent significant added value to Businesses who want to provide digital content of value to their prospective or existing Customers, Visitors, Partners or even their own Employees, where and when they are able to use them most effectively, providing them with the most benefits.

  • Shopping Centers, (Smart) Plazaes, Mall
  • Outlet Centers
  • Showrooms
  • Retail chains and FMCG-s
  • National Parks and Tourist Destinations
  • Community spaces
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Public institutions
  • Stadiums and Festivals
  • Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Museums Manufacturer
  • Contact with reseller partners
  • Reseller contact with end-user partners
  • Employer Brandig digital tool Employers and Employees