What is the Beconz app for?


On the Beconz platform you can create and publish digital content on mobile phones.

Beconz is a free app for mobile phones intended for use in international and domestic markets, available for Android and iOS based mobile systems. Our Partners can publish digital discounts, info panels or advertisements directly to Buyers, Visitors on their mobile phones, whether via the Internet, geolocation, or (i)Beacon-based technology, while shopping, in the shop itself, or in the showroom. The product, the service, or even the work of art addresses the Customers, the Visitors!


What Beconz represents uniquely in the world is its many options to access digital content and the full range of professional services organized around them. Digital content can be published on a location or object based and ad-hoc basis, either indoors or outdoors. The content is unique, and technology ensures that Buyers, Visitors can have ads, discounts, or infopanels on their mobile phones whenever and wherever they can get the most out of it, during shopping or spending time in a cultural institution.


Our service includes a deep integration of the HPE ARUBA Meridian system. This Indoor Navigation ensures that Customers, once inside the building, know exactly where they are, see the stores, and navigate to the store of their choice. Up through levels. The system also manages elevators and floors. It is also possible for Customers to check the unique offers of the stores and to decide which ones are worth to visit for shopping.


As part of our service, our Partners can publish digital discounts, infopanels and advertisements within specified GPS coordinates (the exact address can be marked on a digital map). Shoppers, Visitors, Hikers can get discounts, info panels and advertisements while traveling, walking in cities, squares, streets or even on the riverbank!


Our goal is to provide a fully customized service package to our Partners who publish digital discounts, infopanels or advertisements to their customers to make their purchases more efficient and enjoyable. The system greatly contributes to the comfort of Customers, Visitors and raises the awareness of the purchase, thus strengthening the commitment. Our service includes a wide range of easy-to-use tools and great features!

Beconz is a catchy acronym for “Be a conscious consumer” and Beacon wireless micro-localization technology.
We offer digital coupons and advertising space at the time and location of purchase. The Beconz branded service offers genuine digital coupons in the digital space, which are pubished by our Partners.

Benefits for Customers

You, as a conscious Customer can save a a lot of money, time and energy, while shopping comfortably and securely.

Fee of charges digital coupon app

You do not have to buy expensive advertising newspapers! You do not have to move out from the comfort of your home! Coupons or advertisments are coming directly to you, tailored by your very own preferences.

Coupons are ordered and searchable

You do not have to turn pages of expensive advertising newspapers bought solely from the purpose of using paper based coupons, looking for some bargian price you do not know on which paper it can be found. It is over now! You can find your nearest shop with nearby-shops feature!

Digital coupons

The paperless usage of digital coupons can help you diminish the size of your ecological footprint. You can order your digital coupons and advertisements by your wery own demand.

Coupons are saved in the cloud

Your coupons are not bound to your mobile phone. You just have to remember to your Beconz account! You can reach your favourite digital coupons from anywhere and anytime.

Centralized coupon management

You can search among your digital coupons anytime with the ease of use! You can set push notifications about the termination time allowed for using your digital coupons. You can delete coupons or take them into posession for later usage! You can also rate your service level during redeeming your coupons.

The coupons are exchangeables

Digital coupons, can easely be transfered to another Beconz user!

Benefits for Vendors

We introduce Beconz services from the sellers point of view

Impress the Senses

You, as a seller can publish video, sound or wep pages, via a Beconz service administering portal.

Touch the Y generation

You, as a Beconz service partner have access to the latest technology platform. Use modern approach to reach the internet’s generation and generate greater revenue!


You can publish individual digital coupons and advertisements tailored to your shoppers very own preferencies!

Mass base

You can reach a big crowd of shoppers with your digital coupons and digital advertisements via mobile phone applications.

Advertise anytime and anywhere

Business never sleeps! You can publish digital coupons and digital advertisements anywhere! Create, modify and publish digital coupons and digital advertisements anytime!

Online, live statistics

Individually tailored digital coupons! Live, online statistics! Big data or data mining!

Be part of the immediate digital discounts

Gathering digital coupons will not be easier than using Beconz services! You can also get digital coupons via iBeacon technology.

The Digital Coupon and Advertisement App

In 2013, an idea came to fruition at ATN Global IT’s creative team. The project was named Beconz. Our original goal was to adapt paper based coupons and advertisements with producing digital content on a simply managable administrative interface and displaying them on a mobile app. The code name of the unfolding project was Beconz, which we thought was so appropriate that we have kept it. However, the scope of the project has dramatically expanded.

To materialize the whole Beconz framework and its elements was a long process, however, the end of the development is closed for now of a major stage. The Android client app version and the administration portal is ready to be tested, many pilot implementations is coming now. iOS client app development phase have just already started.

Beconz connects the Customers and the Vendors worldwide

Our Beconz service contracted Vendors and its companies and shops are capable of providing digital coupons and/or digital advertisments directly to Customers’ mobile phone, whether online via Internet or offline via (i)Beacon bluetooth based, low energy consumption, micro-location technology, in the shop itself. This, among other things, involves the replacement of paper-based coupons and advertisements.

Customers want to have discounted prices for a broad-ranging specific products and services, presented in a free of charge, high level of digital information and advertising tool. Customers want to be very well informed. Generally they need more money, more experiences, more comfort, more safety, more time and at last, but not least, they want a healthy life. The Vendors have the same benefits need. Meanwhile, it is necessary to satisfy the similar needs of Vendors and Customers so that both parties feel exactly what they are completely satisfied with. ATN’s Beconz service undertakes this mission.

Beconz enables both the Customers and the Vendors to satisfy their business benefit needs during shopping, while ensures them to use the latest, most modern and simple-to-use technology.

With Beconz the Vendors can wield the true power of Beconz digital coupon and advertising system and start enjoying more customers, more orders and repeat sales. Beyond the unparalleled adaptability, flexibility of our Beconz solution, the most astonishing thing the Vendors likely to discover is just how fast, easy, and affordable they are.

How does Beconz work?

ATN’s own service running under the Beconz brand name, offers first class digital coupon and digital advertisment creation, publishing and using opportunity in a real digital coupons-space. Coupons and advertisments are uploaded by the Beconz contracted Vendors, who want to offer discounted products and/or services directly to Customers, displayed and handled in their free of charge, very own mobile phone applications. Our Beconz service will not support digitized or scanned, paper based coupons or advertisments, not now and not in the future.

Beconz is a pure digital platform, with an administering portal running in a browser on PC to create, edit and publish digital coupons or advertisments. Digital coupons or advertisments are handled in the Beconz mobile application, customized and filtered by the Customers preferences.

Beconz mobile client app runs natively on mobile phones, ATN clearly want to articulate that the app uses an online, live database with a client-server communication. Since Beconz app is not an embedded web page, its responsiveness, customizability and speed is unparalleled.

ATN Ltd. have developed an incredibly powerful, dramatically customizable digital coupon and advertising framework that is both capable of serving small and retails companies and wholesalers as well, with revolutionary innovations such as handling (i)Beacons. Beconz system, which is also well-positioned on the international marketplace, is fully capable of challenge the expensive and difficult to handle paper-based coupons and advertisements.

Imagine that the Customers are in one of your shop. During shopping they can receive news and advertisements about on sale products or bargain services. Placing the (i)Beacon hardware around the goods, is capable of directly targeting Customers with advertisements, information, or digital discounts, or all at once, using the Beconz mobile phone application.

The term (i)Beacon and Beacon are often used interchangeably. (i)Beacon is the name for Apple’s technology standard, which allows Mobile Apps (running on both iOS and Android devices) to listen for signals from beacons in the physical world and react accordingly. In essence, (i)Beacon technology allows Mobile Apps to understand their position on a micro-local scale, and deliver hyper-contextual content to users based on location. The underlying communication technology is Bluetooth Low Energy. (i)Beacons can be easily implemented outdoor or indoor places such as transport stops, or in a shopping mall’s shops-window. Digital Coupons can be read with QR codes. The future happens now!

Not only at shopping but also on way to home, or at home, basically anywhere the Customer can have digitial coupons and digital advertisments set by products and services preferences and filters. The Customer just need a mobile phone and mobile data connection. The Vendor just need a PC or notebook with internet connection.

At the cash-desk the Customer just shows up the digital coupon’s bar or QR code running in Beconz app, and voila there is the the discounted price for the product or services. For this, the Vendor must list the item number, denomination, QR or bar code, or of course the price itself of the discounted product/service in its own ERP system. Exactly the same information with unchanged data must be provided in the Beconz administration portal. Solely the QR code or the bar code provided with the same data content in the two systems, connects the ERP and the Beconz system.

For Small Business Vendors, who do not use an ERP system and do not operate with barcode scanners – however, for administrative reasons they insist on a formal redemption process – Beconz can offer a PIN code solution. PIN code is also useful for protection againts accidental redemption of a digital coupon. At the cash desk, the Vendor has the option of allowing the digital coupon’s redemption only if the Vendor enters the 4-digit PIN code on the Customer’s phone. Until the appropriate PIN is not entered, the redemption module will not start. Providing PIN code attribute to a digital coupon is optional.

Publish digital coupons and advertisments from anywhere, anytime

The market uniqueness of Beconz is much more than we just offer digital technology based digital coupons or advertisments, in a digital coupons-space. Beconz is much more!

Beconz can offer location-based digital coupons or advertisments, during shopping. The (i)Beacon bluetooth based, low energy consumption, micro-location technology ensures that the Customer can get the digital coupons or advertisments right on the time, and right in the shop, where the greatest benefits can be achieved through our service. Beconz supports Sensoro beacons, but we plan to broaden the manufacturer assortment soon.

Of course, the system is also prepared to let the Vendors itself to publish customized digital coupons and advertisements through the Beconz administrator portal. The Beconz app is also ready to internationally handle the paying process of the discounted products and/or services, which is also an absolute uniqueness on the market.

The mobile application is located in the middle of a framework. The framework – after determining and setting the appropriate levels of administration permissions – on the Vendor side is capable to operate the whole business modell, allows the Vendors itself to make, edit or delete digital coupons, digital advertisments or campaings, saving themselves considerable time and energy, money. All digital coupons or advertisements are organically and inseparablely linked to a particular company and its stores, where it can be redeemed.

We works with language files, so if a massive vendor/consumer need will emerge in any languages, the portal and the mobile app will be translated to.

More great features, targeted approach, quick look

Beconz Service is a Cloud-based business solution available in 7 * 24
Free mobile app that directly connects Vendors with Customers
Can be used in both Retail and Wholesale
ERP ready with QR or Barcode support
GDPR conform solution
Advertising and information navigation
(i)Beacon Technology support
Easy to use admin interface for Vendors
Individually customized, deep marketing tool
Possibility to issue unique discount offers based on individual usage statistics
Percentage, Quantity, and Price Discounts
Ringing in discount support
Live, online statistics, digital discount operation tracking action
Digital Discount and Advertising/Infopanel Cloning option
Facebook or normal registration
Push-based notifications
Preferences and filter capability
Vendors discounts are grouped in My Discounts folder
Support for discount transfer even for unregistered customers
Redemption and Validity Limits
Support daily, recurring redemption time limits
GPS based discount redemption location reports
Google Maps support
Customer Satisfaction Measurement System (CSM)
Advertisements/Infopanels can contain voice, image, video and weblink
Rewards points collection support
Hungarian, English, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Slovak languages are now available
Multilingualism support
PIN or NFC based discount redemption, against accidental use or fraud
Favourite Vendor Support
Digital Discount History support
Time Based Savings tracking
Currency choosing option
Milestones and Maturity Level Support
Support time zones in different countries
Support for monthly traffic statistics grouped by stores
Jackpot discount search game support
Geolocation based push messages contains discount, advertisment or infopanel contents (GPS)
Supports Indoor Navigation with HPE Aruba Meridian system (RTLS)
Deep (database based) integration of HPE Aruba Meridian system and Beconz app