Beconz Application General Terms of Use

General Terms of Use Beconz is a free mobile Application, available on Android and IOS intended for international and Hungarian market. Beconz is a native business mobile Application, which is running on a remote server, and calling a dedicated database to display data, information, and content. The Beconz Application has been developed specifically for Android […]

Beconz app detailed structure description

A mobile application, running under the Beconz logo and Beconz brand name. Beconz is a native, digital coupon and advertisement mobile application – that invokes a dedicated database running on a remote server – to run and display information. The Beconz software has been specially developed for the Android mobile operating system and is not […]

How does Beconz Digital Coupon and Advertisement System work?

ATN’s own service running under the Beconz brand name, offers first class digital coupon and digital advertisment creation, publishing and using opportunity in a real digital coupons-space. Coupons and advertisments are uploaded by the Beconz contracted Vendors, who want to offer discounted products and/or services directly to Customers, displayed and handled in their free of […]

Beconz connects the Customers and the Merchants worldwide

Our Beconz service contracted Vendors and its companies and shops are capable of providing digital coupons and/or digital advertisments directly to Customers’ mobile phone, whether online via Internet or offline via (i)Beacon bluetooth based, low energy consumption, micro-location technology, in the shop itself. This, among other things, involves the replacement of paper-based coupons and advertisements. […]

Benefits for Customers using Digital Coupons

Money Free of charge mobile application You do not have to buy expensive advertising newspapers for coupons only You do not have to leave your apartment to get a coupon, the coupon will come to you We’ll show you exactly how much you spend and what you get for your money Experience 21st Century Technology […]

Benefits for Merchants using Digital Coupons

Money Much less cost than the paper-based solution Monthly prepaid, striped based cost Immediate service level changes There is no idle, a campaign can be scaled well Evaluation after campaign Constantly in producing , 7*24 You can even give immediate discounts during shopping Free language packs Experience 21st Century Technology Digital surface Common, permanently used […]

Digital Coupons reduces Carbon Footprint

All human activities use land or fisheries. The ecological footprint is the sum of these areas and consists of six factors. Ecological Footprint measures the ecological assets that a given population requires to produce the natural resources it consumes (including plant-based food and fiber products, livestock and fish products, timber and other forest products, space for urban infrastructure) […]

Why Beconz saves You money?

In the Beconz system, Merchants, Advertisers and Consumers meet in the so-called digital coupon space, using the Beconz mobile client app. Merchants and Advertisers provide a certain discount type for Consumers, encouraging them to buy their products and services. Digital coupons appear in Beconz application that is installed on Consumers’ mobile phone. Digital coupons and advertisements […]

Beconz Digital Coupon Application

Get all the available digital coupon discounts in your pocket, combining them with the latest state-of-the-art smart solution. Using our mobile application development experience, we’ve created an application on your mobile phone that collects the most famous brands in one place, so you can sort out the actions and services of those brands right away. […]

Near-terms Digital Coupons

This module lists all digital coupons whose expiration date is near. The expiration date is the end date of the validity period for that digital coupon. If the digital coupon has seven days left until the expiration date, then such digital coupons will be displayed in this folder. Its importance lies in the fact, that […]

Beconz Nearby Stores

The module lists all stores where a digital coupon can be redeemed and the Vendor has a valid subscription, so all stores in the Beconz system are listed in one place. These stores are sorted in the queue, according to store’s distance to the Customer’s current location – defined in kilometers. The closest shop to […]

Digital Coupon Search

The Customer can search among the digital coupons that are already exist in Beconz system. Small and capital letters or accents do not count when searching. Searching is available in the digital coupon name, in the description of the digital coupon, or the name of the Vendor that issued the digital coupon for the Beconz […]

Digital Coupon Filter

This is a post filtering option in the Beconz application. The Customer can fine-tune the digital coupons that have already been received in Beconz system – either after filling out the Preference or failing to complete it – with the Filter. The Customer can (post)filter the received, existing digital coupons under the terms provided in […]

Digital Coupon Preference and Category

This is a pre-filtering option in Beconz app. There are four tree structure categories (Product, Service, Brand, Venue) where digital coupons can be pre-filtered before the publication of digital coupons done by Vendors, even before publication and appearance. Here the Customer can set the type of digital coupons that trigger to receive push type notifications, […]

My Digital Coupons Folder

The Customer ’s purpose is to redeem exactly those digital coupons that are in the interest of the Customers and provide them discounted prices during shopping. In this case, from the digital coupon space to My Coupons – pulling down the digital coupon in the card view and dragging to right into the list view […]

Digital Coupon Space

In the Beconz app this is the basic app interface, materialized in a card or list view, containing digital coupons and advertisements in the Beconz mobile phone application. In the digital coupon space, the Customers can use the preference (pre-filtering) and filter (post filtering) switches to display exactly those digital coupons that interest them.


Beacon or iBeacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard, based on wireless micro localization technology that may provides indoor navigation. The device can be installed outdoors (on posters or public transport stops) as well as indoors (shopping malls, shops, kiosks). iBeacon can communicate with Beconz Mobile Application and is able to send digital coupons […]

Digital Advertisement

A digital interface for publishing and displaying the discounted price of goods and / or services in the Beconz system. The digital advertisement promotes a given product and/or service. Digital advertisement has two views. The default is the preview. Tapping on the digital advertisement with a firm gesture gives the Customer new, potential additional views […]

Digital Coupon Image

The coupon image is available on the preview and on also the detailed view of the digital coupon. Publishing image, when the digital coupon appears in the digital coupon space is optional and therefore the coupon does not necessarily include a coupon image. The image is linked to the digital coupon itself and expresses the […]

Digital Coupon Stores

Every Digital Coupon has a detailed view of the digital coupon stores, while the coupon description is scrolled to the right. A freely edited text that contains basic information about the availability of the product and / or service sold by the Vendor, at a discounted price in the shops provided by the Vendor istelf. […]

Ringing in Digital Coupon

The Beconz system is capable of naming and displaying a so-called Ringing in Digital Coupon. At the bottom of the detailed view of a published digital coupon’s middle-larger part the Vendor may indicate a Ringing in coupon with a future publishing date. Customer who may have missed to redeem an attractive digital coupon and / […]

Digital Coupon Currently Watching Status Indicator

The Currently Watching Status Indicator is included in the preview of the digital coupon and also in the detailed view. The Currently Watching Status Indicator monitors how many Customers are in the system who are browsing the detailed view of a given digital coupon at the same time. The higher the number that this status […]

Digital Coupon Types

A digital coupon may be Single (One-time usage) or Multiple (many-time usage). After redeeming, the single digital coupon will no longer be available for the Customer. From the digital coupon space single digital coupons can be taken into possession and redeemed in accordance with the availability number of pieces, provided by the Availability attribute. A […]

Digital Coupon Rewards Points

The unit of Rewards Points is the score. After purchasing any products/services with Beconz digital coupon, Customer may get points or even extra points. The extent and the possibility of getting Rewards Points will entirely depend on the Vendor and the type of card operated by the Vendor itself, who publish the digital coupons and […]

Digital Coupons Original Price

This is the original sales price without any discount values. When redeeming a digital coupon, Customer will get specified discount value (originated from a specified Digital Coupon Discount type) from this original price, for the product and / or service at the cashier. The higher the difference between the original price and the Beconz price, […]

Digital Coupon Discount Values

For the Percentage Discount Type, it means a numerically discount, depicted in currency. For the Volume Discount Type, it represents a percentage discount, depicted in percentage value. In the case of the Discounted Price Type, it means a numerically expressed saving, depicted in currency. Basically, the value of the discount is important in promptly and […]

Digital Coupon Discount Types

We clearly distinguish three types of digital coupon discount types: The Percentage Discount Type represents a discounted price of a given, original sale price expressed as a percentage value. The Volume Discount Type represents the discount of a given, original sales volume expressed in the number of pieces. The Discounted Price Type represents a discounted […]

Digital Coupon Redeemability

All digital coupons have Redeemability attribute, set in the Beconz application. The Redeemability is defined by the amount of time, and displayed in minutes in the Beconz system. The Customer ’s purpose is to redeem exactly those digital coupons that are in the interest of the Customers and provide them discounted prices during shopping. In […]

Digital Coupon Usability

All digital coupons have Usability attribute, set in the Beconz system. The usability can be described as number of pieces and the basis of its calculation is the number of units given in the availability of the digital coupon. The Customer ’s purpose is to redeem exactly those digital coupons that are in the interest […]

Digital Coupon Availability

All digital coupons have Availability attribute, set in the Beconz system. Availability can be described as a number. From a given digital coupon which can be used by the Customers, the Vendor publishes a specified, finite number. Availability is all the amount of digital coupon published in a finite number of quantity, which is displayed […]

Digital Coupon Validity

All digital coupons have a validity period attribute, set in the Beconz system. The validity can be described in terms of time. The validity period is the time between the date and time of the publication of the digital coupon and the date and time of the expiration of the digital coupon. If the digital […]

Digital Coupon

Digital Coupon is literally a digital information panel, running on the Beconz application interface on Customer’s mobile phones, that has been published and displayed in the Beconz system, and has two views to access the discounted price of the goods and / or services. The default is the preview. Tapping the digital coupon with a […]

We like native Android and iOS programming

Beconz is a native development The Beconz app is a mobile application, running under the Beconz logo and Beconz brand name. Beconz is a native, digital coupon and advertisement mobile application – that invokes a dedicated database running on a remote server – to run and display information. The Beconz software has been specially developed […]